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You could get tied-up with an LMS. Or you could get real project learning done with Student Corner

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One Place for Projects

Tired of using a plethora of apps, platforms, and documents to run your project learning class? Us too. Student Corner was created to be the all-in-one solution for online project learning. Showcase and highlight student work, mentor and engage with students and community, and create a comprehensive knowledge base and project exhibition space for your learning community. Student Corner provides both students and teachers alike the power to design, create, develop and share their work in one central place.

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Student Voice and Agency

Student Corner was built by students for students. We were just like you - tired of tools that focused primarily on administrativa. So we built the Student Corner Platform to provide a place where students can safely create, collaborate on, and share their work. Portfolios allow students to take pride in their work and use it for college applications, scholarships, resumes, and professional purposes. Student Corner is the best platform for student voice and agency.



Unlock creative thinking and teamwork in an instant. Student Corner seamlessly connects students so that they can work together on projects and ideas — both online and in the classroom. Our platform is designed to make collaboration and sharing effortless and natural. By sharing projects in their online academic community using Student Corner, students can showcase their work to gain feedback and feel proud of their efforts. Educators can also collaborate on assignments, professional development projects, and other team efforts to create better lessons and experiences for students.


Ease of Use

What separates Student Corner from other platforms and solutions is its intuitive, easy to use interface. Unlike other learning management systems that are complicated, slow and painful to use, Student Corner provides for dynamic and flexible content via innovative project pages created by Students and Teachers. With a small learning curve and a powerful editor, you’ll be on your way to creating amazing projects in no time.

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