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Schools on Student Corner

Schools on Student Corner experience technological innovation and superior customer support. We bring students and educators together to produce next-level learning outcomes while providing tools to administrators, allowing them to meet and exceed goals at every step of the learning process.

Student Exhibitions and Showcases

Create, organize, and host hybrid and virtual events all in one place.

Curate Student Work

From engineering projects to arts and humanities, feature student work right on your page.

Online Classes

Utilize our virtual classrooms to host online video rooms, post assignments, engage in class discussions, assess work, and so much more.

Customize your Homepage

Add your school colors and logo, include calendars highlighting important dates, and post bulletins to keep students, teachers, and parents up-to-date.

On-Platform Communication

Administrators, teachers, students, and parents can stay connected using our internal inbox and communication features.

Quantify Success

Collect and analyze data to see what support and strategies led to student and educator success.

Corporations on Student Corner

Student Corner allows corporations to give back to the organizations and schools that they value most. By allowing corporate sponsors to showcase the students they support, they can more readily market their charitable and philanthropic endeavours, allowing them to better connect with their audiences.

Endorse Student Work

Create landing pages to promote the students or organizations you back.

Feature Community Work and Outreach

Keep your community connected on how your organization gives back.

Site Analytics

Get detailed reports on your on-site traffic and visitor usage.

Create Development and Training Programs

Keep your team involved and up-to-date on training and procedures.

Engage with Learning Communities

Connect with learners within your community to further your corporate mission.

Support and Give Back

Provide scholarships, grants, and programs to bright minds, all while demonstrating and tracking your impact.
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Sponsors on Student Corner

Student Corner gives sponsors a place to share their organization’s mission and story. Create a place to showcase and fund stellar students and projects, offer grants, and engage and donate to organizations in the Student Corner ecosystem and beyond.

Feature Student Work

Create custom pages that feature the student work you back.

Create Custom Badges and Awards

Display custom badges and awards featuring your organization’s logo on the student work that you endorse.

Showcase the Amazing Work You Do

Define your role in the community while promoting your organization's impact on students around the world.

Partner with Schools and Organizations

Collaborate on mission and impact goals by working with other organizations, schools, and companies to create meaningful and demonstrable achievements.

Drive Donations

Utilize network effects in a centralized learning community to drive donations and engage with stakeholders.

Build Engagement

Demonstrate organizational achievements with tangible learning outcomes, student work, and multi-organizational collaborations.

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