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Online access is vital to making your showcase or exhibition shine, especially in today's world. With Student Corner Showcases available on any device, it's easy to create, manage, and judge projects all in one place.

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Simple to Start

Using Student Corner

Students register and create their projects directly on Student Corner. Once projects are submitted, admin and judges can start evaluating projects and issuing awards with our online assessment system.

Digital Projects

Students Build Their Projects in One Place

Students & teams register for your showcase directly though Student Corner.


Registration is handled in one automated step.

Audio Features

Audio presentations can be recorded in a safe format directly on project pages so judges can listen to the presentations at their convenience.

Video Interviews

Enable video conferencing for collaboration, judging interviews, and so much more.

Powerful Editor

Robust and easy to use multimedia editor with rich text, images, code, video, Google Drive integration, iFrame, and more.

Automatic project numbering and categorization.

Students and parents select associations at the start, so you can track where projects come from and measure participation.


Users leave feedback directly on projects for seamless and comprehensive coordination.

Manage Your Corner

Invite Users, Create Galleries, & Invite Judges

Easily invite users to your showcase, group projects into clusters, assign judging rubrics, and give awards, all from your admin panel.


Admin Access and Configuration

  • Manage projects, people, and user permissions for your Corner.
  • Create and sort galleries for public showcasing directly on your page.
  • Configure roles for participants and judges.


  • Create galleries for winners, sponsors, and project categories.
  • Create awards and badges for each project.
  • Event sponsors can create Corners to showcase their awardees’ projects publicly.

Judging and Assessment

  • Create custom rubrics and group projects for assessment.
  • Invite participants, viewers, and judges.
  • Video conferencing available on each project to emulate in-person an experience.
  • Asynchronous or synchronous assessment options.

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