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Our specialized online platform for your summer curriculum gives you control and flexibility while students enjoy an engaging multi-media learning experience.

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All-in-one platform

With Student Corner, accessible on any device, it is easy to create, develop, submit, manage and assess student work all on one online platform.

Project Pages

Students create online project pages where work is developed, displayed, assessed and archived.


Students can collaborate on projects on the online platform and interact with teachers and mentors.

Instruction & Feedback

Teachers and mentors provide instruction, suggestions and comments right on project pages.

Assessment & Awards

Projects grouped in galleries can be reviewed and assessed and awards issued remotely.

Multi-Media Features

Audio and video recording and presentation. Video conferencing and user feedback on project pages.

Sharable Content

All student work is sharable to parties outside the system for applications and scholarships.

Live Support

Personalized support ensures your Student Corner is set up and deployed for best effect.

Permanent Archive

Project pages are preserved and permanently accessible by students, parents and teachers.

Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Customizations and integrations to meet the unique requirements of your summer program.

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Level-Up Your Summer Program

with Student Corner

Whether your summer program is science or math, history or language, reading, music or dance, - your Student Corner online platform provides a multi-dimensional experience for students and a permanent portfolio archive that makes their work shine.

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